Sweetbox-Life Is Cool 生命的两面

Sweetbox成立于1995年。最先由Tina Harris担任主唱。95年推出首只单曲《Booyah Here We Go》,隔年发行第二张单曲《Shakalaka》,在纽约的舞曲榜3周冠军。97年一首取样自巴哈名曲《G弦之歌》的《Everything’s Gonna Be Alright》传唱全球,在英国、全欧洲日本与美国告示牌都登上销售排行。不仅如此,Sweetbox还赢得了日本葛莱美点播榜Top10中停留了8周之久。如此耀眼的成绩,让Sweetbox的专辑被全球47个国家发行,一共创下了3千万张的绝佳销售。
1998年Tina离开,Sweetbox短暂告别歌坛。1999当Geo在一次偶然的机会下碰到了Jade Villalon(现任主唱),不论是Jade的歌声、音乐内涵、才华或是亲和迷人的个性,都令Geo意识到这就是他寻觅以久的Sweetbox的新主人,几周之后,Sweetbox就此重生,才华洋溢的Jade带着新的Sweetbox再次惊艳世界。

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I never really try to be positive
I”m too damm busy being negative
So focused on what I get
And never understand what it means to live
You know we all love to just complain
But maybe we should try to rearrange
There”s always someone
Who”s got it worse than you

My life is so cool
My life is so cool
From a different point of view

(verse 2)
We”re all so busy tryin”to get ahead
Got a pillow of fear when we go to bed
We”re never satisfied
The grass is greener on the other side
We get distracted by our jealousy
Forget it”s in our hands to stop the agony
Will you ever be content
On your side of the fence?

(verse 3)
Maybe you”re the guy who needs a second chance
Maybe you”re the girl who”s never asked to dance
Maybe you”re lonely soul
A single mother sacred and all alone
Gotta remember we live what we choose
It”s not what you say It”s what you do
And the life you want
Is the life you have to make


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    歌曲听起来还不错的 这个MM声音很好听

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